Securitization Pros & Cons

Topics: Finance, Bond, Balance sheet Pages: 4 (1171 words) Published: December 9, 2011
Executive Summary
The introduction of financial sector reforms in India has led to innovations in financial markets and instruments. One of the most prominent developments in the international finance in recent times that is likely to assume even greater importance in future is ‘securitisation’. Securitisation is the process of pooling and re-packaging of homogenous illiquid loans into marketable securities. Increased pressure on operating efficiency, on market niches, on competitive advantages, and on capital strength, all provide fuel for rapid changes. Securitisation is one of the solutions to these challenges. 2. Reserve Bank of India, as a facilitator, has attempted to explore the intricacies of securitisation as a process of financial engineering and its applicability to the Indian financial system especially in the mortgage and infrastructure sectors. The in-house Working Group constituted by the Bank had the benefit of presentations of and interaction with market intermediaries, regulators, industry experts and international agencies on various aspects associated with securitisation. 3. The report defines asset securitisation and makes a reference to future flow securitisation. Motivation and benefits in the form of capital relief, improvement in return on equity and return on assets, use as a strategic tool, asset liability management, improved liquidity, upgradation in system, Originator discipline, etc. have been highlighted. 4. Various impediments viz., lack of investors’ base, capital market infrastructure, regulatory framework, legal provisions, accounting and taxation issues besides good quality assets, past data and standardisation of documents have been identified. In the process of exploring opportunities in India, the ideal conditions for success of securitisation in USA and other countries are highlighted. 5. Experience of securitisation in a few developed countries (USA, Japan, Australia, etc.) and emerging markets like Thailand, Argentina...
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