Commodity Exchange

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Introduction Commodity Commodity Market Structure of Commodity Market Different Types of Commodity Traded Turnover of Indian Commodity Exchange Market Share of Commodity Exchanges in India Different Segments in Commodities Market Leading Commodity Markets of World Regulators Leading Commodity Markets of India Volumes in commodity Derivatives Worldwide Commodity Futures Trading in India  Introduction  Benefits to Industry From Futures Trading  Benefits to Exchange Member  Why Commodity Futures?  What makes commodity trading attractive? NCDEXs Trading System Gold  Introduction  What makes Gold special  Market characteristics  Demand & Supply  Indian Gold Jewellery Market  MCX contract specifications of gold  FAQ on Gold  Gold Terminology Conclusion Bibliography

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India Commodity Market
“We are moving from a world in which the big eat the small to one in which the fast eat the slow”. -Klaus Schwab, 2000 (founder of the World Economic Forum)

“A strong and vibrant cash market is a pre-condition for a successful and transparent futures market.” INTRODUCTION The vast geographical extent of India and her huge population is aptly complemented by the size of her market. The broadest classification of the Indian Market can be made in terms of the commodity market and the bond market. The commodity market in India comprises of all palpable markets that we come across in our daily lives. Such markets are social institutions that facilitate exchange of goods for money. The cost of goods is estimated in terms of domestic currency. India Commodity Market can be subdivided into the following two categories: • • Wholesale Market Retail Market


The traditional wholesale market in India dealt with whole sellers who bought goods from the farmers and manufacturers and then sold them to the retailers after making a profit in the process. It was the retailers who finally sold the goods to the consumers. With the passage of time the importance of whole sellers began to fade out for the following reasons:  The whole sellers in most situations, acted as mere parasites who did not add any value to the product but raised its price which was eventually faced by the consumers.  The improvement in transport facilities made the retailers directly interact with the producers and hence the need for whole sellers was not felt. In recent years, the extent of the retail market (both organized and unorganized) has evolved in leaps and bounds. In fact, the success stories of the commodity market of India in recent years has mainly centered on the growth generated by the Retail Sector. Almost every commodity under the sun both agricultural and industrial is now being provided at well distributed retail outlets throughout the country. Moreover, the retail outlets belong to both the organized as well as the unorganized sector. The unorganized retail outlets of the yesteryears consist of small shop owners who are price takers where consumers face a highly competitive price structure. The organized sector on the other hand are owned by various business houses like Pantaloons, Reliance, Tata and others. Such markets are usually selling a wide range of articles both agricultural and manufactured, edible and inedible, perishable and durable. Modern marketing strategies and other techniques of sales promotion enable such markets to 5

draw customers from every section of the society. However the growth of such markets has still centered on the urban areas...

Bibliography:, SEBI Bulletin
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