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I owe to many people and in many ways to complete my summer internship as well as in writing this report. I want to thank all those who have helped me (directly or indirectly) in completing this wonderful work.

My deepest thanks to the Mr. Kumar Abhinav (Director, Acumen Wealthcare Solutions Private Limited) who offered me to complete my internship from his company. He helped me to fill the gap between the theoretical and practical knowledge. I want to thank him for sharing his company’s confidential reports as without which I wouldn’t have understood many of the problems in business.

I would also like to thank my college for providing this opportunity to do my summer internship in the area of my interest. It helped me to fill the gap of my knowledge. I would also thank Dr. Ramachandran, who gave us the brief of writing the report and explained each small detail in the project writing.

At last I would thank my sister who helped me in many at different stages of the internship. She shared her experience as a student and now as a professional. It helped me a lot as working in a company and putting your experience into words is a very difficult task. She helped me to overcome it and guided me to do it differently. *******THANK YOU ALL*******


Acumen Wealthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

I did my summer internship from a wealth/ portfolio management company. The name of the company is ACUMEN WEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED. It is a very small company and is only ten months old in the business. The company was started by Mr. Kumar Abhinav and Mr. Gautam Sinha (founder of TVA INFOTEC). The company is registered as a private limited company and has board of directors to supervise the work and advice from time to time. The company has two directors and they meet at least once in every quarter. The shares of the company are divided between Mr. Abhinav and Mr. Sinha. The major share holder of the company is Mr. Kumar with more than 75% shares with him and the rest is with Mr. Sinha. However Mr. Sinha doesn’t hold any official position in the company. He is one of the investor of the company and acts as an advisor to the company.

The company has two directors mainly Mr. Kumar Abhinav and Mr. Prem Kishore Sinha. However the authorized signatory of the company is Mr. Kumar Abhinav. Mr. Abhinav has done his engineering from Pune University and then he worked with different wealth management companies in Bangalore. In addition to his engineering degree, he also hold some certificates such as AMFI, IRDA, Cash and derivative market, dealers certificate from NSC and BSC and many more. However the other director Mr. Sinha is a non profit director of the company. He is a professor in Magadh University and has depth knowledge of the financial products and financial tools. He is a certified financial planner and also has deep knowledge on the tax. The last board meeting of the company was held on 18th June, 2010. The non profit director means that Mr. Sinha is not libel to get any kind of remuneration from the company except his travelling and accommodation expenses whenever he comes for the board meetings and company visit. However it doesn’t means that he is only a statue in the company. His decisions are also as important as the decision of Mr. Gautam Sinha and Mr. Kumar Abhinav.

The company was stared ten months back in a small office on Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. And have recently (April) shifted their office on M.G.Road, Bangalore. This is their small success story. The current location of the company’s office is Acumen Wealthcare Solutions Private Limited

801, 8th Floor,
Prestige Meridian -1
29, M.G.Road,
Bangalore - 560076

The company has five employees and different levels....
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