Water Resource Challenges

Topics: Ocean, Marine debris, Water Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: March 12, 2011
Water Resource Challenges

Freshwater Resource Challenge| Description|
Surface water| Precipitation that remains on the surface of the land and does not seep down through the soil.| groundwater| The supply of fresh water under Earth's surface that is stored in underground aquifers| runoff| The movement of fresh water from precipitation and snowmelt to rivers, lakes, wetlands, and, ultimately, the ocean.| Ocean Water Resource Challenge| Description|

Sewage Contents| Fisherman and ships do not properly dispose of their waste; thus, contaminating the ocean water| Shipping, Ocean dumping, and plastic debris| Many ships dump oil and other waste into the ocean. This causes problems for marine animals. In 1988, congress passed a law banning ocean dumping.| Development/Coastal| Real estate development is destroying natural resources around our coastal lines|

Pacific Ocean plastic waste is a major issue that caught my attention many years ago. I first heard about this is issue on the Oprah Winfrey show. The topic was about the issue in the Pacific Ocean, there’s a massive plastic waste dump site two times the state of Texas and growing in the Pacific Ocean. This collection of plastic is gradually being broken down into a plastic dust that marine wildlife mistake for food. Small fish eat tiny bits of plastic as if they were normal plankton. Those fish are then consumed by larger species and the plastic contamination moves up the food chain. Floating garbage includes plastic shopping bags, pens, cigarette lighters, six pack holders, and plastic nets. This all has been cause because of people, when you don’t recycle plastic it ends up in the ocean, which in turn ends up in the wildlife’s body. When I watched the video of the sea turtle munching on the plastic bag, it really broke my heart, because I knew that I had something to do with it. I have become more aware of what GOD created. So that moment I changed my lifestyle and bought reusable...
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