Water Observation

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Note taking
In the field where the stream flows, and the water falls into the pond is where I did my observation. I took the time to sit on my property, at my grandparents house, which is located in the country side. I sat on a wooden bench over looking running water for 30 minutes observing the wilderness, and the surrounding sounds. The water was flowing fast down stream, with an abundance of rocks in the water. The water was completely clear, and made a rushing sound as it moved. I could see small fish swimming in the water. There was a bridge that went over the stream. The bridge was made of wood, and had a three pole, metal banister. On top of the banister was a wooden plank topped with flowerbeds. I could hear the birds chirping, but couldn’t see them. There were chickens outside, picking...

One dog was small and white. The other dog was brown and large. They ran around jumping over one another, barking, and playing with a tennis ball. I heard a few growls out of the dogs, when they were playing. The dogs would run through the group of chickens, with their tongues hanging out of there mouths. The chickens flew in the air making screeching noises. There were two people in the near distance splitting wood. Both people were men, and they were each wearing black jackets, blue jeans, baseball cap hats, and yellow gloves. The man on the left was short, heavy weight, and the man on the right was skinny and tall. The woodcutter machine looked very big, and was red. One man split the wood, while the other man stacked the wood. There was a grey Ford F250 truck on the left of both men, and the wood splitter. The one tall man was putting wood in the back of the truck. There was a big house, with smoke coming out of the chimney. There was a smell of a burning wood in the air from the smoking chimney. The house had grey siding, with a maroon roof made of tin. I could see a screened porch that was extended from the house. There were stairs coming out of the porch...
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