Wan Design

Topics: Wi-Fi, Computer network, Wide area network Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: August 15, 2010
WAN Design
Chad Vickery
Axia College of University of Phoenix
Acme Manufacturing is an organization that is growing and expanding their operations. They have acquired a plant in China and are expanding offices throughout the United States. Acme Manufacturing is looking to add communication that will allow all sites to transfer data with no trouble. Headquarters will be located in Atlanta, Georgia. Headquarters will house corporate operations, marketing, administrative staff and the accounting departments. Acme Manufacturing’s engineering division is located across the street from headquarters office building. The Engineering building houses sales and engineering departments. There will be three distribution offices; Chicago, Phoenix, and New York. Each distribution office has a small sales staff as well as administrative staff. The plant facility will be located in China. The company is looking to tie all these sights to each other for ease of communication and data transfer. With the size of the corporation, VoIP will be the best type of telecommunications for Acme Manufacturing. VoIP will allow Acme to save money because they will not be using standard phone lines. VoIP uses the internet or corporate network to send and receive its telephony signal. This means that they do not have to run any extra lines for phones. Ethernet cables for the network will carry the phone line communications and will already be in place for the corporate network. Each site will need communication set up between them. In order to make that happen each site will need certain equipment put into place. Headquarters will have several servers in the server room. Desktops will be issued for the necessary users. Headquarters will have router strategically placed around the building. This will broadcast the corporate Wi-Fi signal for the corporate WLAN. The routers will also be central points for the desktop hubs to connect. The Engineering building will house some backup...
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