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Report a Crime through E-Blotter
To reach the PNP’s goal of improving the crime reporting system in the country and be up-tp-date with what is really happening on the field, an E-Blotter System was launched with the collaboration of Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management (DIDM) and ITMS. The e-Blotter System is a priority program of PNP Chief Director General Nicanor A. Bartolome, which geared to “enhance the crime reporting system for effective law enforcement, public safety and efficient administration of justice” by utilizing modern technology, such as computers and the Internet. With E-Blotter, information on a crime complaint will be encoded directly to the computer, and the regional headquarters will automatically get a copy of the report. This will also allow officials to monitor police responses and development in a case, at the same time provide real-time crime data to field commanders that will eventually guide them in their crime prevention efforts. How It Works
Illustrated below is the Blotter Procedure Flowchart to show the system to be followed in recording an incident in the e-Blotter system. It starts with the reporting of the crime, incident, arrest or an event/activity to a desk officer. The report would then be classified whether it is a crime incident or if it’s just an event or an activity. A reported event or an activity goes straight as a report in the police blotter after information is completed. However, if it is a crime incident, thorough investigation is required depending on its urgency and if Women and Children Protection Desk (WCPD) should be contacted.
If the incident is an emergency, the desk officer will immediately inform the Alert Team to respond to the emergency. Arrested suspects will be booked and the Duty Officer will assist the victim in accomplishing the Incident Record Form recorded by the Desk Officer in the Police Blotter. Desk Officer then issues an Incident Record Transaction

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