Visual Merchandising -Concepts & Concerns-

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Visual Merchandising -Concepts & Concerns-


Ramya Raamanathan

Visual Merchandising -Concepts and ConcernsVisual Merchandising, Handloom & Home Textiles-A Historical PerspectiveVisual Merchandising has been always one of the weakest aspects of Handloom and Home Textile marketing. For much of the time, Availability and opening of newer outlets was the prime objective rather than effective visual merchandising. Reach rather than visual quality of point of purchase was the consideration. Government ownership of many of the points of purchase did not help the matters either. Contemporary visual treatment of the store and the merchandise was seldom an acute concern for the government, eager to preserve its down to earth (read crude and rustic) image. Lately however thinking seems to have undergone a change and KVIC and other government retail shops are tuning into times. In the area of Handlooms and Home textiles, too the scene is not very different. Beginning with “bare” points of purchase and moving onto showrooms where display meant nothing more than visual exposure, now lately better retailers are considering effective visual merchandising a necessary must. Historically too, India has always had a rich tradition of visual merchandising. Visual merchandising as seen in Melas, Haats, Peths and festival specific shops, shows a rich and diverse context of visual merchandising. Tradition and Mythology have been creatively re-interpreted across generations for a fresh visual merchandising. Hopefully the flame of creativity founded on indigenous foundations and richness should get translated into modern hi-technology aided visual merchandising, as a continuing inspiration. Changing ScenarioWay back to several decades the handloom business was operated in “safe” ways could hold the market due to many reasons, one of major reasons was the people belonging to the generation of those times who saw Indian independence and their nostalgia towards it could hold back them to use it, another was being in least competitive era. But with the emergence of rapid growth and development in various textile sectors and up gradation of technological environment handloom had to face severe challenges due to threats arising from the industries. But to survive and to face those challenges the initiative taken were not adequate and the sector reached into it’s present form where now it has become a necessity to adopt contemporary mode for existence and if continuous adaptation in this regard is not done, those days are not far that it would soon be talked as an examples into business textbooks as an exotic categories that may vanish. Countries like china and others have been even adapting our techniques and offering much better quality products in much effective prices. What is the reason? The reason that’s much evident is handlooms still struggling with its limited approach and exposure that pertains to the changing demands.

The inadequate attention leading from concept to consumer through various channels are not suffice and product keeps struggling at intermediate stages due to lack of resources that’s being build to support it. To get the benefits the ways that are evident to us are Either gets into the mode what globalization demands or Sells and creates an image that exposes to the richness of our own culture/tradition by emphasizing upon our strengths.

Scope of visual merchandising in handloomsWhy there is a need of visual merchandising? It is often understood that It’s a methodology of displaying, but far more than that it means initiating the complete process to a customer instead buying a product to possessing it, and creating an “aura” that meets consumer expectation with their changing taste. In India the image of handlooms are still associated to old, classic and hand made coarse materials. It’s the high time that even government should understands the realities and take sustainable decisions to monitor the product...
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