Vision and Mission Statment of Pia

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Business Policy
Assignment 1

Mission and Vision Statement

Professor: - B. ILAHI
Section: - A

Group members
Syed Suleman Nabi
Naveed Javed
Arooj Chaudry
Salman Zia

Pakistan International Airlines


Birth of a Nation, Birth of an Airline
Air transport has probably never been more important to the development of a new nation than in the case of Pakistan. In June 1946, when Pakistan was still in the offing, Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the Founder of the upcoming nation, instructed Mr. M.A. Ispahani, a leading industrialist, to set up a national airline, on a priority basis. With his singular vision and foresight, Mr. Jinnah realized that with the formation of the two wings of Pakistan, separated by 1100 miles, a swift and efficient mode of transport was imperative. Orient Airways Takes to the Skies

On 23rd October 1946, a new airline was born. Orient Airways, along with the help of BOAC aircraft which had been chartered by the Government of Pakistan, started relief operations and transportation of people between Delhi and Karachi, the two capitals. A New National Flag Carrier for Pakistan

Orient Airways was a privately owned company, with limited capital and resources. It could not be expected to grow and expand independently. It was then that the Government of Pakistan decided to form a state-owned airline and invited Orient Airways to merge with it. The outcome of the merger was the birth of a new airline, through PIAC Ordinance 1955 on January 10, 1955. Historic Firsts and Unbroken Records

In 1962, finding the upper winds forecast favorable, PIA set out to break the record for the fastest flight between London and Karachi. Style, Glamour, and Charisma
Around this time, the airline saw a change in the top slot. Air vice Marshal, Asghar Khan took over the reins of PIA for a tenure of 3 years. A number of highpoints are attributed to this period. The most colourful, if not the most significant, occurrence for PIA was the introduction of a new air-hostesses' uniform designed by none other than the renowned French designer, Pierre Cardin. Safety Management System at PIA

PIA is the first airline to get certified (initial certification) on Safety Management System (SMS) by Civil Aviation Authority CAA - Pakistan. The Pursuit of Excellence through Technology and Quality Control Not content with a number of historic firsts under its belt, PIA made history yet again, by installing Pakistan's first computer, an IBM1401, in 1967. PIA's first Engine Overhaul Shop, located near the Head Office building, was also completed and commissioned around this time.

Original Vision and Mission statement.

PIA's vision is to be a world class airline exceeding customer expectations through dedicated employees, committed to excellence. Mission
* Employee teams will contribute towards making PIA a global airline of choice: * Offering quality customer services and innovative products * Participating in global alliances
* Using state-of-the-art technologies
* Ensuring cost-effective measures in procurement and operations Values
* Customer Expectations
Convenience, Caring, and Competitive Tariff
* Service
Personalized and Courteous
* Innovation
Cherishing New Ideas, Translated Into Action
* Cohesiveness
Respect for Individuals, Teamwork, and Effective Communication * Integrity
Business Ethics, Accountability, and Transparency
* Reliability
Loyalty and Consistency
* Safety
Passengers, Employees, Environment, and Health

We all sit in group of two members and decided to make one mission statement and one vision statement by ourselves. We then come up with our rough draft of these mission and vision statements. Rough Draft

Two vision statement and two mission statement roughly made by ourselves. Vision 1
To be the first choice of world in transportation repair services and overhaul facilities to make your comfort in the sky. Vision 2
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