Virtual Education

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Computer Concepts
Virtual Reality

Submitted to: Sir Mujtaba Memon

Group Members:
Zainab Imtiaz (11915)
Komal Shamim (12788)
Zara Iqbal (11335)
Halima Muhammad Hussain (13670)

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Definition of Virtual Reality4
Advantages of Virtual Reality:4
Disadvantages of Virtual Reality6
Types of Virtual World7
Virtual Entertainment:7
Popular Virtual Games:8
Virtual Hospitals:11
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Advantages of the Virtual Hospital:12
Virtual Hospital in Pakistan:12
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World’s First Virtual Store:14
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Virtual education:17
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Letter of Transmittal

August 1st, 2012

Mr. Mujtaba Memon
Course Instructor, Computer Concepts,
Institute of Business Management.

Respected Sir,
The desire report attached herewith, describes a detailed study done on Virtual Reality, we believe, that the results of this study will be useful in assessing our evaluation capabilities. We are thankful to you for your confidence on us to prepare this comprehensive report.

Zainab Imtiaz (11915)
Komal Shamim (12788)
Zara Iqbal (11335)
Halima Muhammad Hussain (13670)

The entertainment offered in the world of virtual reality is completely of a different type, with computer-generated graphics and specially designed equipment; we may enter a whole new world and experience events without actually being there. Virtual reality offers scientists a way to explore, gamers a new level in gaming, educators another way of teaching and the medical profession another teaching aid. Definition of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a three-dimensional environment viewed through special goggles or on a computer screen. With specially designed equipment, you may interact with the virtual world as if you were a part of it. Goggles, wired gloves and specially designed treadmills allow a person to feel as if she were walking through the virtual environment. Advantages of Virtual Reality:

Virtual worlds offer the opportunity which was unavailable with earlier technologies, such as weblogs, for people to get together, deliberate, exchange ideas, inform each other and contribute meaningfully to the process. Some of the advantages of this technology are as follows:

The graphical interface of a virtual world allows users to explore the environment and interact with other people and information. It enables participants to easily create graphical objects, but they can also imbue those objects with intelligence and cause them to communicate ideas. In other words, participants can easily develop their own simulations, models, examples and illustrations. Virtual reality has been a huge boost in the aviation business as it avoids the need to build several different prototypes (models built to the correct size). Every time an engineer designs a new aircraft or helicopter, a prototype has to be built to ensure that it works, whether it will fly fast enough and whether it is safe for the crew and the passengers. If the prototype is wrong, the designers have to go back to the drawing board, make the changes and then build another one. This is a very expensive and time-consuming business.

By using VR, designers can design, build and test their aircraft in a virtual environment without having to build a real aircraft. It also allows the designers to try out different ideas - all the ideas can be looked at in detail and they can then select the best one. NASA has used virtual reality to design a helicopter and Boeing has used it to design their latest aircraft.

Using virtual reality, doctors have already been...
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