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A few years ago all graphics hardware used a fixed pipeline. Where each vertex and triangle description was passed through pre-programmed components to generate the image on the screen.

Vertex, pixel and geometry shaders are often referred to as the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

Now video cards built with a programmable architecture. Now we can alter the way vertices and triangles are processed.

Programmable graphics cards are now in a growing research field.
We can apply non-graphical algorithms onto the GPU.
This along with image processing, numerical equations and illumination computation are some examples of what is called General Purpose GPU (GPGPU) programming.


We for this experiment we performed a computational study of dead reckoning comparing the GPU with the CPU. Using a variety of CPUs and GPUs to different quantities of simulated entities.
We wanted to see how the GPU’s slower bus restriction could affect its performance.

The Defense Modeling and Simulation Office of the Department of Defense defines virtual simulation as a simulation involving real people operating simulated systems.
--They exercise motor control skills, decision skills, or communication skills.
--Whereas a discrete simulation is defined as a simulation that uses a discrete model, or in which the state variables change instantaneously at separated points in time. They are run over time to generate results to use as a reference when designing a system.

Virtual simulations are designed to teach a specific task --games entertainment (infotainment)
Computer games are often compared to virtual simulations because of the 3-D environments and multi-user capabilities.
Many types of game genres (first person shooter, real-time strategy, massively multiplayer online role playing games, and simulation games) --All combine for realistic virtual simulation

Example: The Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT)
Distributed Interactive

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