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Topics: Guitar, Mariachi, Violin Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Linden Mederos T.D.C #3 12/2/12
The thing that gets you hooked with Mariachi El Bronx is that it is not your typical Mexican style mariachi. Usually when you think about mariachi you tend to think about a dinner at a Mexican restaurant, a situation that you do not find necessarily entertaining but something you get a couple laughs about. This band is serious! The melody coming from the guitars and violin is very amusing, accompanied by the vocals makes a perfect song. The chorus of the song is very catchy; you'll be singing "my revolution girl" for the next couple of hours. The balance between the polyphonic texture and synchronized harmony really sets this song apart from the rest. In my opinion these elements compiled into this song is what makes this band so great. The fact that they can do it over and over again is going to have them at the top of the mariachi mountain for a long time. In the song everything dies they took a guitar part from ---- and threw some lyrics on it with their own twist. The song was so beautiful it made ---- cry and I can understand why it truly is an amazing song. The guitar solo at the beginning of the piece is unexplainable: pure awesomeness. The vocals on this song have more of an alternative rock feel to it. In my opinion another strong asset to the songs are that they are sung in English, it helps me relate to the songs since English is the language I am most familiar with. The vocals are sung in a high pitch with a mellow tone which makes the tambre sophisticated. The song Norteño Lights has more of a traditional Mexican feel to it as they bring in an accordion to accompany the violin, guitars, and shaker. The polyphonic texture shared throughout all 3 songs really adds a nice touch and complexity in the melody. The thing that catches your attention a little bit is the fact that they throw in a bit of Spanish in the song norteño lights. It's like eating a pizza with a dash of pepper; it turns the piece up a couple notches.
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