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sustainability report
Winter 2011/2012
It’s hard to believe it’s been more than a year since we published our last brief sustainability report. A lot’s happened in those months and we hope you’ll find this report a good way to find out about our progress, as well as what you can look forward to hearing about in reports to come. There’s no getting away from the fact that aviation impacts on the environment, so we’re doing what we can to promote sustainable solutions for our business and the wider industry. The next few pages detail the steps we’re taking to improve our environmental performance across a range of areas, as well as to drive sustainable development in our destinations through our community investment work. We believe in a sustainable future for aviation, and whilst there’s still a lot to do, we’ve made some great progress so far.

“We’re proud to be putting sustainability at the heart of our business. The last year has been an exciting time for us, with the arrival of the first of our new, more fuel-efficient aircraft – the Airbus A330s – which will shave up to 15% per seat off our fuel and carbon emissions compared to the aircraft they are replacing. We also don’t forget what happens on the ground and have recently replaced our car and commercial vehicle fleets with more fuel efficient options. Actions like this are vital in helping us make progress towards our environmental targets, and signal our commitment to our passengers and staff to be a world leader in sustainable aviation.” Julie Southern, Virgin Atlantic CCO

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Aviation is a truly global business, where airlines from around the world operate and compete on the same routes. We believe that to ensure a sustainable future for aviation, the industry needs to work together. An airline like ours can make a difference in its own right, but it can make an even bigger difference by also encouraging the industry to work together in key areas, so that our own, independent initiatives don’t simply shift problems sideways to other airlines or regions. That’s why we helped to set up a number of active industry groups such as Sustainable Aviation, Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group (SAFUG) and Aviation Global Deal (AGD)

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Collaborative, cross-industry work
Sustainable Aviation (SA) A world first, Sustainable Aviation (SA) was launched in 2005 and brings together UK airlines, airports, engine and airframe manufacturers and Air Traffic Management (ATM) to find industry solutions to the aviation sustainability challenge through the cooperation and collaboration of all parts of the industry. SA is unique in the transport sector: there is no equivalent in road, rail or shipping. An independent Stakeholder Panel monitors SA’s progress and works with the SA Council to ensure that relevant priorities and challenges are tackled. In March 2011, speaking in her capacity as Chair of Sustainable Aviation, Jill Brady, Virgin Atlantic’s Director of HR and External Affairs, launched the Sustainable Aviation’s 2011 progress report. “Despite the most challenging couple of years in the industry that I can remember, members’ commitment to Sustainable Aviation has not wavered. Real progress has been made in many areas, not least in the management of aircraft waste and local air quality, identifying and proving new sustainable fuels, initiatives in air traffic management and airport procedures, and in offering a realistic assessment of the inter-dependencies between noise, carbon and local air quality.” The report is an interesting read. Please go to: www.sustainableaviation. to check it out. member airlines pledge their commitment to the sustainability of fuels pledge and support the sustainability principles of the international, multistakeholder initiative, the Roundtable on...
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