Virgin Australia

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Virgin Australia
Design characteristics(organic).

Organic designs.
Virgin Australia is clearly organic. It has multi-talented individuals working in several different departments. For example, finance, marketing, sales, engineering etc. Tasks
Virgin Australia believes in shared tasks. It assigns people from various sectors after thorough discussions and exchanges between its workforce. Looking at the threats(external environment) faced by Virgin Australia, the employees are fully aware of their responsibilities and work individually and in groups. In Virgin Australia, its top level management and employees focus on the adjustment and continual re-definition of individual tasks through interaction with others. Which means, detailed distribution of work. Virgin Australia CEO John Borghetti states " Don't consider me omniscient as I can't be present in all places at the same time. I hire people for different tasks and the overall success of a company is achieved with expert decisions from every department. Forms of communication:

Both vertical and horizontal, The CEO orders the general manager, general manager orders the managers and the final message is given to employees. This is how tasks are achieved with clear communication. Also considered in its working criteria is horizontal communication, all the workers from top level management to low level employees work together in a group to get the best possible result. Activities are coordinated. Given below is an example of horizontal communication in Virgin Australia

Information and advice
Virgin Australia has focused on forming a communication setup in which employees and top level officials could interact directly. Each and every aspect of Virgin is taken as valuable information and advice. Commitment

All the people working in Virgin Australia are highly committed to their respective tasks. Their focus is how to get the best out of the tasks concerned to one's\
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