Violence Against Women

Topics: Human rights, Domestic violence, Women's rights Pages: 5 (1770 words) Published: May 8, 2013
What are human rights?

While some dictionaries define the word right as “a privilege,”[7] when used in the context of “human rights,” we are talking about something more basic. Every person is entitled to certain fundamental rights, simply by the fact of being human. These are called “human rights” rather than a privilege (which can be taken away at someone’s whim). They are “rights” because they are things you are allowed to be, to do or to have. These rights are there for your protection against people who might want to harm or hurt you. They are also there to help us get along with each other and live in peace. Many people know something about their rights. Generally they know they have the right to food and a safe place to stay. They know they have a right to be paid for the work they do. But there are many other rights. When human rights are not well known by people, abuses can arise in multiple formats. Which is born out of the atrocities and enormous loss of life during World War II, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed in 1948 to provide a common understanding of what everyone’s rights are. It forms the basis for a world built on freedom, justice and peace. Women's rights

Since popular uprisings swept across swathes of North Africa and the Middle East, women and their rights have become a hotly debated topic well beyond the region's borders. Become the recognition of women's rights is under scrutiny. It's away transforming the world in the 21st century. Because it's not right that half the population of the world are not treated equally to the other half. And yet if women were able to realize their rights we would see a huge change in the world. Because all the research shows that by trusting in women, allowing them their voices we see that they invest in their children, in their communities and in the wider world. So this is not about women versus men this is about women in the 21st century finally coming together to make the world a better place. Women's rights really mean human rights. I don't think half of the world's population should be denied things that are automatically granted to men. Many people still regard women as inferior creatures, so the biggest thing that women want is to be acknowledged. A woman should have the right to work, the right to be free, the right to be speak, to be a part of decision making at home and society as a whole. And freedom from discrimination, abuse and prejudice. 1

Women's rights: violence against women Laws actually do exist on the books to protect the rights of women and to give them greater opportunities, but people aren't aware of their rights or in many countries these rights are actually not being implemented. Rights are there only if someone gives them to us, otherwise what rights do we have…?? Something that I'm entitled to by law. That I know when I say that "It's time", it's time. It's time to stop violence against women. All women should be treated equal. The most urgent wish I have for women is that men change the way they see women. And that they accept the fact that women are emotionally and intellectually the same. So that when you walk down the street you have the right not to be harassed. Women should be treated in a more humane way and not be hit by a man. Violence against women in Jordan

Studies on violence against women in Jordan indicate that the rates and forms of violence against women are linked to such factors as the deeply entrenched social concepts of marital relations, the size of the family, as well as its income and educational levels. There is absence of a definition agreed upon by all governmental and private institutions on violence against women in Jordan, knowing the size of the problem becomes complicated, as the numbers and factors relating to it vary. A review of literature on violence against women...
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