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Vintage Clothing

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Vintage clothing is a generic term for new or second hand garments originating from previous era. The word “vintage” is copied from its use in wine terminologies, as a more elegant seeming euphemism for “old” clothes. Most vintage clothing has been previously worn, but a small percentage of pieces have not. Vintage does not only have to do with clothes, we have vintage house interior decorations, vintage cars, vintage beads and lots more.
Vintage clothing is what that is in vogue now, if you don’t have a piece of this old clothing then your wardrobe is not complete. Vintage clothing says a lot about your personality and your taste of fashion. Most fashionistas have different taste and trends for vintage. The term ‘Vintage’ has been a bit of a fashionista buzz word for a number of years now, but what exactly is the Vintage look and how can you turn yourself into a trend setting Vintage queen? The modern day perception is that Vintage clothing should be of a designer label and quality, but this is not always necessarily so. Modern fashions are vibrant and interesting, there is something stylishly attractive about vintage clothing, and it is this stylish and unique look that makes celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Nicole Kidman and Kate Moss go crazy for the whole vintage look.
Vintage doesn’t go for ladies alone it also go for men. Vintage have a huge selection of hand-picked clothing for men ranging from shirts, shoes, coats, sunglasses, disco shirts, suits, tracktops, blazers, suitcases, jeans, waistcoats and more. Vintage looks classic on men as it speaks a lot about the “man” in it and his sense of fashion. As our modern guys are really looking superb more than the ladies, they could add a lot of vintage wears to their wardrobe as this will draw a lot of attention and good awareness.
As men do have their wears ladies also have enough on vintage as theirs is very wide. A lady without a touch of vintage wear in her closet is so far behind in fashion. Vintage have a huge selection of fabulous hand-picked clothing for women including dresses, jumpsuits, suits, skirts, sunglasses, tops, jewelries, shoes, scarves, hairstyles and more. Vintage wears ranges from the 1920s flapper dresses to the 1930s evening gowns, from the wartime chic 1940s to the 1950s prom dresses, 1960s to the 1970s maxi dresses and the electro trash 1980s.
We have so many Nigeria designers who have their own vintage design and wears that are very lovely both for male and female. The designers are the likes of Mai-atafo, Bunmi koko, Lanre da-silva, JBL, Toseki vintage and lots more. Nigeria designers have gone far and wide in their designs to suit Nigerians taste of fashion and make you look trendy as well. There are so many retail outlets you could get your vintage wears most especially at the “retrospective store” in Lagos. Vintage clothing must be properly kept, you could get some of your vintage wears either from your grandparents or parents closets if well kept.

Skinny or slimmer fitting jeans and classic tees are a staple part of the vintage look. Team them up with an elaborate retro blouse for an effortless vintage inspired look. Creating the vintage look is all about making small, subtle and feminine changes to the way you already dress. Take inspiration from old movies and current celebrity trends, but most of all listen to how the clothes make you feel. When trying to make any fashion statement just remember that it has to feel right and it has to work for you. Some vintage styles may not be practical for your everyday life, so simply take little pieces of inspiration and add a little of the vintage look to what you already have.
A retro clothing paradise, Devoted to Vintage connects you to hundreds of old school gems, carefully selected for condition, character and charisma: The Vintage Three C’s.

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