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* At Vinamilk, motivational environment are professional environment, challenging job, opportunities to work with the experienced people who used to work in multinational corporations.

* In order to create a good motivational environment for employees, so that they can show their creativeness freely, put knowledge and experience into practice to build and develop the company, Vinamilk has established the Inspiring culture:Knowing that the value and success of the company rely on employees’ creativeness and interest in work, Vinamilk always exerts itself to create a professional, friendly and open-hearted environment in order for individuals to show their creativeness, also promote their potentials to make differences. At Vinamilk, employees are always respected, listened and shared. Each individual also understands that he is a link of a chain in a united and powerful team. Their efforts and achievements are recognized and highly commended. That is the big motivation to help they find interests and be ready for new challenges in their work. Outdoor activities, performance, dancing and camping… are held frequently to help employees enjoy happy and useful moments. They also have a chance to understand each other and promote teamwork spirit effectively.

* Besides, employees have also been provided a Training program to help them develop and achieve career objectives.Professional and skills training courses as well as practical training days are held frequently. Vinamilk works out a plan of career development for employees and bring them suitable training programs to help them improve working effects. When their working effects are improved, the employees will be entrusted with more challenging tasks, together with assistance from their colleagues and superiors, and therefore their career objective will be achieved. |


* Believe that human is the most valuable property of Vinamilk, the...
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