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Kadhurkhil, standing on the bank of the river Karnafully, is a medium sized village near Chittagong city. It has a population of approximately 15,000; large portion of which is constituted by the Muslim and the rest by the Hindu. However, religious or political views have never been a problem in the peaceful coexistence of the villagers. The village has two huts, Chowdhuri hut and Munshi hut, each of which sits at alternate two days per week. Many educated and well- qualified villagers have chosen to spend their lives in the village instead of moving to the city and these people, along with the common folks have contributed significantly to the overall development of the village. Social factors

The education scenario in our village is better than a typical village usually portrays. At present there are six high schools (of which two for girls), five primary schools, three madrasas and a degree college. Almost 3/4th of the people are literate and nearly 90% children goes to primary school. There is a library and a few book stores that caters for the local demand. Healthcare

The healthcare system in the village is satisfactory. There is one hospital for poor people and some pharmacies where experienced local physicians serve. There is also an Upazilla hospital which is just a mile away from the village. Usually local physicians are skilled enough to provide primary treatment and cure mild problems. So people do not need to visit the Upazilla hospital

The villagers usually maintains a moderate lifestyle. Most of the houses are made of clay and have tin-shed. People use woods and coals for cooking but there is electricity all around. Almost every house has TV with cable connection, some have freeze and some even have alternate source of electricity like generator or IPS. However, there is hardly any luxurious elements like car or fancy restaurant. The impact of urbanization is clear and it is no wonder as our village is located...
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