310 Impoverished Families Received Free Medical Consultation and Medicines.

Topics: Medicine, Philippines, Health care Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: April 3, 2013
310 Impoverished Families Received Free Medical Consultation and Medicines.

In The Philippines, many Filipinos, particularly the impoverished are not able to get medical attention from the hospital. The DOH (Department of Health) of the Philippines after many years has written a comprehensive plan but it needs to be implemented.

Filipino suffer from many diseases which are neglected by the government. The impoverished communities around the Phlippines health is still a big problem and it needs to be addressed by the government.

The population of unemployment in the Philippines had dropped slightly to 6.9 percent in April 2012, the National Statistics Office’s latest Labor Force Survey revealed on Friday.

This statistics has shown hope that employment is likely to continue to rise,however, this news is quite considered negligible because there are still many Filipinos around Manila who have no jobs. Furthermore, crime continue to rise because of poverty. I predict that this problem will only continue to worsen.

Filipinos who are employed recieve many benefits such as; Pag-ibig, Phil-health, GSIS, Tax, SSS and other. These benifits aid the employed to gain health care however, this is the opposite for unemployed. Additionally, the unemployed people have more health issues than employed people and the cost of health care only exacerbates these health issues further.

The medical mission lead by the Preda Foundation Inc, a non- government agency in Olongapo city; Who provides help for impoverished people, Preda continues to provide free medical consultation and medicines. Provided 310 impoverished Families received free medical consultation and medicines since 18th of Sept. in Cabanggan, Zambales.

The majority of the diseases encountered are Upper respiratory infection and Hypertension. The physical condition of the community is very poor. Few trees seen around houses, poor transportation, poor sources of water, soil is not healthy...
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