video games in education settings

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Video games in education
We have a misguided idea about video games that they are violent and they cause violent behavior in kid. But, we also like to ignore that video games can actually be beneficial. We can use video games for rehab purposes, for training purposes and most important in our education system. One of the biggest benefit of video games are that they are entertaining. Kids or teenagers, who play video games, know the difference between fantasy world and the real world and they act accordingly. The United States of America’s Army is using video game stimulations for training purpose. Even our heath care systems have started to use videogames for treating different sickness and also in different rehabilitation programs. Therefore I don’t believe that video games cause violent behavior in kids or teenagers. Video game works as a stress reliever and they also helps in concentration and coordination. Whenever I am stressed or have no idea how to solve a problem at home, I used to play Assassin's Creed on my playstation3, but now days when I in those situations I play bejeweled or angry birds on my ipad. I feel that a word with friends and scramble are great app for smart phone or for ipad because it competitive and also in helps in developing your vocabulary. For the ipad and iphone, there are lots of apps that can be used for education purposes for example the sky view app it gives brief description of different celestial bodies around us and its location too. Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas has a program where first year engineering students get together and built a robot. This program is only applicable for mechanical, electrical students who are taking introduction class in their disciplines and only for computer science engineering students who are taking honors java programming class. These students will be divided into groups and each group will have students from each discipline in it, but the number of students from each discipline may vary. They have to build a robot using Lego’s NXT kit, Wii remote, LED light receptors and Java program. The function of this robot is find the firing line when it placed in a field and then shot the ping pong ball into a hole three times and each time the size of the hole will change. The design and the building part of the robot are done by the mechanical engineering students. Electrical engineering students fix the electrical components and write small programs so that the robot can translate the LED lights. The computer science students write the program for the robots movements, shooting the ping pong ball. The reason why the college has this program is to make sure that students get to practice what they have learned and see whether they can learn new information on their own and part of this project is for the grades too. As a result students have shown great interest in robotics club and this club is successful one too. Robot building project was the most important project for me. This project thought me how to work in groups and interact with others while working in groups, how to dived the jobs and most importantly ask for help when having problems. Projects like this can sure help students in learning new topics easily. From my personal experience Java is not my strongest programming language but I sure that I will be able to write programs using java if need and some help. This project has also helped me in changing my learning style also. By introducing video games in our education system I am sure student’s especially the teenagers will benefit from it but it will be challenging also. Introduction of video games in education system is still in development stage even though it mass appeal among younger generation. But when they are introduced in our education system, it will surely challenge the traditional way of learning things. In traditional ways of learning new information, students have to listen to what their teachers or...
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