Video Game Violence

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Effects of Video Game Violence
There have been many arguments that have been brought up arguing that violent video games are making kids more violent. Some arguments go as far as saying all video games are making kids more violent. However, the argument can go both ways. People have brought up that video games help kids with hand eye coordination and allow them to vent their frustrations. The earliest videogame has been around since 1958, and this game was a simple game that had no human and no violence in it. As technology became more advanced the videogames became more violent. Starting with a ball bouncing right and left in a videogame called Tennis for Two and ending with an incredibly violent video game that encourages killing other humans in Manhunt 2. There has been much research done on violent video games and their effects on kids, but no outcome has been decided yet.

One side of the argument views videogames as a good thing. They think that videogames do not affect kids in any way and that some are good for kids. Talking about two boys that have ADD, “video games, as prescribed by their psychologist, have helped them learn to focus” (Mike Snider, 2005 p.1). Video games are helping train kids to focus, and it is doing it in a fun way. Kids learn better when they are interested in what they are doing and video games make learning fun and interactive. When playing a video game the fun parts are remembered by the kids and if the fun parts are educational, they will learn it. Other studies have shown that video game violence does not make kids more violent like people say, but at the most it just desensitizes them to violence. This is only true if they play violent video games, but a study showed that “the three most popular types of games are nonviolent. Instead, they involve racing, puzzles and sports” (Sieberg, Daniel 2008 p.1). Some kids are playing violent video games, but the majority of kids are playing games that may actually help them. Puzzle...

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Violence in video games has been around for many years and many kids have played them. Some people believe that these video games change the kids’ minds and make them killers while others feel that it does nothing to them. Although no outcome has been decided yet, studies have shown that the violence in videogames can change the way that kids think, some bad like killing and others good like problem solving. As technology gets more advanced and the graphics get better, the video games become more violent. However, there has also been a rise in sports and puzzle games allowing kids to problem solve and maybe get motivated to play a sport. Violent video games can be an issue to the society because of the kids that play them, but violent videogames could help us train kids to be more focused.
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