Victoria’s Secret Pink: Keeping the Brand Hot

Topics: Marketing, Fashion, Decision making Pages: 4 (1306 words) Published: April 22, 2009
Victoria’s Secret Pink: Keeping the Brand Hot


This case illustrates the general strategy employed by Victoria’s Secret to acquire a new segment of customers through the introduction of its brand Pink. Pink is a line of “loungewear” (sweatpants, T-shirts, pajamas, bras and panties, pillows and bedding) targeted toward 18-30 year old females. The garments feature comfortable cuts and mostly cotton fabrics in bright colors. New garments are introduced every three or four weeks. The image is one of “cute and playful” versus the more overtly sexy image of the core brand.

The case highlights the different promotional approaches that Pink managers are taking in contrast to those of the core brand. This is a lifestyle brand. The Victoria’s Secret chain has been a big driver of financial success for Limited Brands (parent company), and Pink is expected to be a big part of Victoria’s Secret’s sustained growth. Not only does it give the chain a new set of customers, but it brings in customers at a younger age who will then “graduate” up to the Victoria’s Secret core brands. The ethics of the Pink strategy are considered in detail.

Discussion Questions

1. Analyze the buyer decision process of a typical Pink customer.

Need recognition: This can come from internal stimuli (basic needs such as hunger, thirst, protection) or external stimuli. Considering that people do not purchase fashion brands based on such needs as, “I am cold/naked and need protective covering,” this first step is likely to be based on external stimuli. Note that the factors that influence a potential Pink customer’s recognition of need may also affect other phases of the buyer decision process. These include promotional information from the company itself, word-of-mouth information from friends/acquaintances, groups, lifestyle, status, and self-concept. Consumers are likely to filter some bit of information from one of these sources in recognizing that they need a...
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