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Target Market

American Apparel promotes a provocative, physical, natural, appealing look. They believe with this look they have achieved the attention of the younger generation. “Our provocative, real, unpretentious aesthetic has struck a chord with today's young trendsetters, and has drawn us an intensely loyal following” meaning the company’s target market focuses on the younger generation, ageing from teenagers to young individuals (aged 18 – 25) as seen in their advertisements below. We believe American Apparel are targeting both male and female consumers in their youth and looking for casual “sexy” clothing. The fashion company has caught the public’s eye in many ways and caused an immense amount of controversy, American Apparel represent this controversy through their clothing and therefore attracts the youth of today who want to stand out and make a fashion statement. An article on Auto Straddle questioned, “Is American Apparel’s target market people who pretend to care, but don’t?” (, 2011)


This particular advert caused many problems with the public as it is extremely controversial; people were beginning to talk about American Apparels sexual approach to advertising. Some older people believe this type of advertising is distasteful and disrespectful to women. Although, this negative opinion of American Apparel was still good publicity as the business became well known and very popular, it was the “hot” topic for everyone. Individuals were starting to know more and more about American Apparel and browse around the stores; young women were interested in the clothing, as they wanted to look “sexy” and eye catching like the models in the advertisements’. This form of sexual advertising is becoming so normal to us consumers because, it is all around us in magazines, television and on posters in fashion stores. Teenagers are currently choosing to dress in various products to boost their confidence and “fit in” with the...
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