Vibration Analysis

Topics: Vibration, Damping, Resonance Pages: 459 (83819 words) Published: May 16, 2012

Dave S. Steinberg
Steinberg & Associates and University of California, Los Angeles


New York
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Steinberg, Dave S. Vibration analysis for electronic equipment/Dave S. Steinberg.--3rd ed. p. cm “ A Wiley-Interscience publication.” ISBN 0-471-37685-X 1. Electronic apparatus and appliances-Vibration. I. Title. TK7870S8218 2000 621.381--dc21 Printed in the United States of America 109876 99-056617

To my wife, Annette, and to my two daughters, Con and Stacie

Electronic equipment continues its relentless expansion into virtually every area associated with commercial, industrial, and military applications throughout the entire world. Exotic technology has become commonplace in medicine, entertainment, communication, travel, transportation, manufacturing, education, and commerce. The internet has dramatically and forever changed the way many companies run their businesses, without the need for large offices and a large staff of people to perform clerical duties, largely due to the extensive use of the fast, small, powerful personal computers. This has resulted in improved profit margins in companies that embraced the new technologies, and disasters for companies that resisted the tidal wave of changes. Extensive changes were made in this third edition to reflect the changes that are taking place in the world of electronics. One of the big changes is the dramatic reduction in the costs of manufacturing the electronic equipment due to improved automation. This has resulted in the use of more electronics with improved performance over mechanical functions in a wide variety of products such as cameras, automobile controls for braking, ignition. air conditioners, transmission shifting, and combustion control, computers, computer printers, FAX machines, and televisions. One of the most dramatic changes has occurred in the military area, where high costs have forced the Department of Defense to scrap many of the military specifications in favor of best commercial practice electronic hardware for their new sophisticated equipment. Lower costs often lead to lower quality, which can result in a reduced reliability. This may only be an inconvenience when your television set fails or your automobile will not start. This can be a disaster in a military vehicle if the guns do not fire, or if the navigation system fails, or if the communications system fails. Therefore a new chapter was added that investigates and evaluates the effects of manufacturing methods and tolerances on the reliability of the electronic hardware. Another new chapter was added to show methods for improving the ruggedness of commercial hardware for improved reliability in harsh military environments. An additional chapter was added that relates to a better understanding of the bending distortion of the circuit board at its resonant condition, and how it effects the forces,...
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