Topics: Rhetoric, Logic, Critical thinking Pages: 4 (985 words) Published: April 19, 2014
Writing Arguments
Why Do You Need
This New Edition?
If you re wondering why you
should buy this new edition of
Writing Arguments, here are eleven
great reasons!
* A new full color design visually differentiates key ideas, mak- ing reading a user-friendly experience and ensuring it is
easier for you to find important information.
+ A new Chapter 8, Analyzing Arguments Rhetorically, shows
you how to read arguments critically so you will be able to
identify and explain the strategies writers use to per-
suade their audiences.
, New Writing Assignments in Parts 1, 2, and 3 on analysis,
invention, planning, drafting, and revising include both
instruction and samples to guide you as you build your
argument skills.
- New readings and visual arguments on current topics such
as immigration, video games, sports, and the connection
between gender and math ability model the different argu-
ment types your instructor may assign.
. New student essays include several that are researched to
help you see how to integrate researched material into
your argument as well as how to cite and document it.
/ New Organization Plan diagrams for various types of argu-
ments show you how to introduce, develop, and conclude
your own arguments.
0 New Toulmin Analysis charts represent complicated concepts such as the Toulmin system of argument in a visual way,
helping you see the underlying conceptual structure of an
argument and make effective arguments in your course
(Ch. 4, 11 15).
1 Thoroughly revised Chapters 11 15 (Part 4) on different
types of arguments have been rewritten to improve clarity
and ease of use, removing a language of mathematic vari-
ables ( x and y ) and replacing it with simpler, clearer
2 New illustrations of research sources show you where to
find author, title, and publication information so that
you can cite and document your research correctly (Ch.
Up-to-date MLA and APA citation examples, including exam-...
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