Verb and Gerund

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1.1 Background of The Study
For every human, language is one important things to communicate to each other. Because language is one media to make one relationship and know the other people by the communication.

There are many language in the world. One of that is English as international language. English is the one of international language because of almost the people in the world know English as a second language after their mother language. English have rules to make communication better in usage. Better in oral and writing. We can say the rules as the grammar. Grammar is the rules in the English. Gerund is one of part in grammar.

1.2 Scope of the Study
This study describes one kind of grammar and it is gerund. To make it easy understanding.

1.3 Purpose of the Study
1. To find out and classify the function of gerunds.

2. To find out the most dominant the function of gerunds.

1.4 Significance of the Study
1. To enrich knowledge about gerunds
2. To help the readers understanding about gerunds
3. To know what the dominant of gerunds in Jakarta Post Newspaper used.

2.1 Meaning of gerund
According to Drs. Hariyono Rudy is a word that is used or functioning as a noun. Or it can also be said that the gerund is a verb that make to be a noun (verbal noun).

According to Drs. John S. Hartono and friend gerund is a verb-ing form used as a noun.

According to A. Ghani Johan is a form of the verb + ing that serves as an object, usually describe the process. Therefore gerund functions can occupy the subject, object, complement or description. Example:

-Fishing makes me very happy .
fishing here is a subject.
- You Should finish reading it before he comes.
Reading is a gerund functioning as an object.
- My hobby is singing
Singing here serves as a description.

2.2 The form and characteristics of gerunds

Gerund formed from:
form verb + ing
For example: smoking, shopping, hunting and so forth.
Gerund form is same as the present participle form, and both are part of the verb. The difference: gerund is a kind of noun, but the present participle is a kind of adjective. Therefore, gerund and present participle same or have similar in form, but they are very different in characteristics.

2.3 Using gerund
2.2.1 Gerund is a type of noun.
Because of gerund is a kind of noun, so it can be used as follows: a) as a subject for verb.
b) as an object for the verb.
c) as a complement to a verb.
d) as an object for the preposition
For example:
a) Subject to verb
• Sleeping is Necessary to life .
• Sleeping is Necessary to health .
• Smoking is not good for our health.
• Swimming is good for our health .

b) The object for the verb
• I do not like smoking
• He enjoys hunting
• She likes shopping + She loves to shop
• He dislike joking
c) Complement to a verb
• His body is hunting = penchant for hunting.
• chiep My delight is my main riding = Fun (is) riding.
• Her favorite sport is his favorite skating = Sports (is) skate. • His favorite pastime is dancing his favorite Entertainment = (is) dancing. d) The object for the preposition
• She is always fond of talking = He always likes to talk. • She is fond of being admired = He likes to be praised.
• He gave up smoking = He quit smoking.
• They went on arguing = They continue to debate.
2.2.2Gerunds with Objects
Because of gerund is a part of verb, it can use the object behind it. For example:
a) the direct object (the transitive):
• He is clever at teaching mathematics = He is good at teaching math. b) Indirect Object (with transitive)
• He is clever at mathematics teaching us = He is good at teaching math to us. c) The object will be retained in the passive voice (Retained object) • She is pleased at being taught mathematics = He thrilled to the mathematics being taught to him. d) The object, which means...
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