Trinity Cert Tesol

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Trinity Cert TESOL

Assignment details

Reading list3
Assignment overview7
Teaching practice8
Language Awareness test 1.10
Language awareness test 210
Language awareness test 311
Unknown foreign language journal12
Materials assignment24
Observation journal29
Teaching practice journal49
Learner profile51
Agreement to participate in learner profile59


Self study follows the day’s input. Although there is flexibility in how you spend this time and the times we would recommend at least the following, which reflects the very intensive nature of this course.

During the week
1 hour – background reading (as indicated on the main timetable) 1 hour – assignment preparation
2 hours – lesson preparation

At weekends (each day)

1 hour background reading (as indicated on the main timetable) 2 hours – assignment preparation
3 hours – lesson preparation

Reading list
There are a number of materials available on the course website In addition, trainees are asked to consult the reading list and recommended websites below for help with assignments and lesson planning Recommended Purchases

Scrivener, J. (2005). Learning Teaching. Macmillan.

Carter, R., & McCarthy, M. (2006). Cambridge Grammar of English. Cambridge University Press (This can be purchased as a book or searchable CD Rom. It is also available as a networked CD Rom on all university computers.)

Further reading

Bolitho, R. & Tomlinson, B. (1995). Discover English, 2nd edition. Heinemann.

Carter, R. (1998). Vocabulary: applied linguistics perspectives. London: Routledge.

Carter, R., Hughes, R., & McCarthy, M. Exploring Grammar in Context. Cambridge University Press.

Carter, R., McCarthy, M., Mark, G., & O’ Keeffe, A. (2011). English Grammar Today: An A-Z of Spoken and Written Grammar. Cambridge University Press. (This is a simplified version of Cambridge Grammar of English made for learners and comes as a book and searchable CD Rom.)

Fitzpatrick, F. (1995). A Teacher’s Guide to Practical Pronunciation. Phoenix ELT.

Gower, R. Phillips, D. Walters, S. (1995). Teaching Practice Handbook, New Edition. Oxford. Macmillan Heinemann.

Harmer, J. (2001). The Practice of English Language Teaching, 3rd Edition. Longman.

Jenkins, J. (2000). The Phonology of English as an International Language: New Models, New Norms, New Goals. Oxford University Press.

Kelly, G. (2000). How to Teach Pronunciation. Longman.

Kenworthy, J. (2000). The Pronunciation of English: a Workbook & Sound Cassette. Longman.

Lewis, M. (2000). Teaching Collocation: further developments in the lexical approach. Hove.

Lewis, M. (1997). Implementing the Lexical Approach. Putting Theory into Practice. Hove.

Nuttall, C. (1996). Teaching Reading Skills in a Foreign Language, 2nd edition. Heinemann.

Parrott, M. (2000). Grammar for English Language Teachers. Cambridge University Press..

Schmitt,N. (2000) . Vocabulary in language teaching. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Swan, M. (1987). Learner English. Cambridge University Press.

Swan, M. (1995). Practical English Usage. Oxford University Press

Thornbury, S. (2006). An A-Z of ELT

Thornbury, S. (2005). Beyond the sentence. Macmillan ELT.

Thornbury, S. (1999). How to Teach Grammar. Longman.

Thornbury, S. (2002). How to teach vocabulary. Longman.

Thornbury, S. (2001). Uncovering Grammar. Macmillan Heinemann.

Thornbury,S ., & Slade, D.(2006) .Conversation: From description to pedagogy. Cambridge University Press.

Underhill, A. (1994). Sound Foundations. Heinemann.

Ur, P. (1991). A Course in Language Teaching Practice and Theory. CUP

COURSE BOOKS (Resources for Teaching)
A range of course books for students of English available in the Library and from us. Course books for teaching practice will be...

Bibliography: Gower, R. et al. (1995). Teaching Practice Handbook. Heinemann.
Harmer, J. (1998). How to Teach English: An Introduction to the Practice of English Language Teaching.
Harmer, J. (2001). The Practice of English Language Teaching, 3rd ed. Longman.Scrivener, J. (1994) Learning Teaching. Heinemann.
Gower, R. et al (1995). Teaching Practice Handbook. Heinemann.
Harmer, J. (2001). The Practice of English Language Teaching, 3rd Edition. Longman.
Harmer, J. (1998). How to Teach English. Longman.
Scrivener, J. (2005). Learning Teaching, New Edition. Macmillan Heinemann
Ur, P
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