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GCSE in Health and
Social Care
Section 3
Using the worksheets in the teachers’ file
The worksheets are primarily designed to help students build their portfolio evidence. They are, therefore, based on the Assessment Evidence Grid within the specifications for Unit 1 and 2. However, students will need to link some underpinning knowledge to the evidence that they are presenting for their portfolio work. To help them achieve this, page references have been given at the top of each worksheet. This will help students find the appropriate section within the student book. This knowledge can then be applied to the service(s) they have chosen for Unit 1: Health, social care and early years provision or to the person they have chosen for Unit 2: Promoting health and well-being. It must be stressed that the Assessment Evidence Grids require students to apply their knowledge. For example, in Unit 1 students are required to select one (AQA and Edexcel/CCEA) or two (OCR) services. Once they have chosen, all evidence must be applied to the service(s) chosen. The worksheets will enable students to do this. The worksheets link to the assignments that are given within the teachers’ file and will help the students to build up evidence for their final grade for a unit. In Unit 2 students are required to produce a health plan for one person. A case study has been included as a worksheet to help those students who are unable to collect primary evidence. Other worksheets will help the student to focus on a specific criterion within the Assessment Evidence Grid and can be used to support primary evidence, or can be used instead of primary evidence. For Unit 3: Understanding personal development, candidates do not have to produce portfolio evidence. The worksheets will help students to carry out activities that will help them to learn the underpinning knowledge they will need for the test.

Worksheets for Unit 3: Understanding personal development also link with the practice papers for the unit test that have been included within the teachers’ file. Students could be encouraged to complete the activities within the student book for a particular section of the unit. This knowledge could then be reinforced and extended by using the appropriate worksheet to apply their knowledge. Students could then be given some of the questions from the practice tests, under controlled conditions, in order to check their knowledge and understanding.

All worksheets can be used alongside the student book to reinforce knowledge, to help students build their portfolio evidence, or to help them to prepare for the tests. The worksheets can all be tailored to meet your centre’s individual needs by using the CD-ROM.

GCSE in Health and Social Care


Section 3 Worksheets
Cross referencing worksheets to the student’s book

Student’s book page(s)

Unit 1

Finding out about services (AQA and OCR)
Finding out about providers (Edexcel)
Where do they fit in the national framework?
How are services paid for?
Who are informal carers?
Finding out about jobs in a medical centre
Finding out about jobs in the social care sector
How do you become a care worker?
Finding out about jobs in early years
Who uses services?
Why do people use care services?
Clients who use the day centre
Finding out more about clients who use services
Putting questionnaires together and analysing the results
Barriers that could prevent clients from accessing services
Finding out how to overcome barriers
Finding out about codes of practice and charters
How communication supports clients
Work placement/experience – preparation
Work placement/experience – recording
The values of care in early years settings
Values of care in health and social care settings

53–62 and 73–86
63–65 and 73–86
66–71 and 73–86
63–65 and 73–86...
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