Children with Special Needs

Topics: Developmental psychology, Assessment, Human development Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: January 4, 2011
Kim Abbs
Young Children With Special Needs
Unit 3 Project

I live in the state of Wisconsin. If I had a child with developmental delays I would go through an organization called Wisconsin Department of Health Services. This offers a wide variety of services such as counseling, in home services, and transportationi for the child. There is also a great organization called Wisconsin Ties. This organiztion helps to get you referred to the right people and connect you with other paretns of children with disabilities in our state. However first I would like to take you through the process of finding out if your child has disabilities.

A Child with developmental delays is generally a child that is developing much slower then other children their age. I would first contact a Child Find operation in your state. This organizatin conducts screenings to identify children who may need eraly intervention services. You would then get a service coordinator she will set up a multidisciplinary evaluation and assessment. IDEA requires that your child receive a timely, comprehensive, multidisciplinary evaluation and assessment. The mulitidisciplinary evaluation tests the nature of your child’s strengths, delays, or difficulties and whether or not your child is eligible for early intervention services. The assessement side of it is used once you are found eligible for early intervention services. The assessment identifies your child’s unique strengths and needs, and determines what services are needed to meet those needs. Along with this the family’s needs will also be determined. This will determine services the family may need to help meet all of the needs of their developmentally delayed child.

After completing all of these steps a IFSP (Individual Family Support Plan) with be done. In the state of Wisconsin the following components must be included: Information about the child’s devbelopmetal status, including statements about the child’s present...

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