The Basic Function of the COMPU: Preparing Individualized Educational Program

Pages: 3 (731 words) Published: November 8, 2013
The basic function of the Compu, is prepare individualized educational program (IEP) of each child who is eligible to receive special education services. To carry out this function should be: A. To analyze all the information relevant to assessments administered to the child, as well as all available information that can contribute to decision-making about the programming of the services and the location most appropriate for the child. B. make sure that the information needed to prepare the PEI is complete in the file of the child. C. identify strengths and needs as well as goals and educational objectives and explore service alternatives. D. determine a location appropriate for the student according to their needs and point out it by writing in his IEP. E. get a certificate with the minutes of the meetings held to prepare the PEI. F. maintain a record of attendance with the signatures of participants at each meeting.In addition to the preparation of the PEI, the compu may be for: Discuss situations that affect the provision of educational and related student services. consider and make decisions on the identification, evaluation, location and related services and support of student needs.FUNCTIONS OF THE COMMITTEE ADVISOR ASSISTANCE TECHNOLOGY (CAAT)The primary function of the CAAT is to serve the COMPU advisory board in relation to the provision of equipment or assistive technology service required for the achievement of the goals and educational objectives set out in the individualized education program of the student. This Committee will be available to train and guide on the alternatives of equipment and services for students. Among its primary functions the CAAT.To assess the needs of assistive technology for students who are referred to by the compu of the schools and school districts. Guide to the father, mother or guardian about everything related to the provision of assistive technology services and...
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