Vegetarianism Is Good

Topics: Nutrition, Agriculture, Meat Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Hwayoung Kim
Vegetarianism is good
Let’s think about what you ate last night. Didn’t you eat something greasy? Living healthy and living until old is everyone’s dream. Changing a bit of your eating habits can make everyone’s dream-come-true. Fat high-protein eating habits can cause colon cancer and western type diseases. Make a bit of change on your table. Avoid meat and eat vegetables. By this change of your food diet you might make your dream-come-true. There are lots of advantages of having a vegetarianism diet. Vegetarianism is good for health, saves nature and lives.

Vegetarianism is good for health. Vegetables provide people with Chlorophyll and phosphorus. Also vegetables provide vitamins for humans. A meal with vegetables and fruits makes you healthy. When people who eat meat die of heart disease, vegetarians don’t. When vegetables and fruits come inside our body they get rid of radicals that prevent aging. You may have heard in the news that people get sick in the summer because of the sea foods they ate. Foods from animals can create lots of bad illnesses when vegetables and fruits create none.

Vegetarianism is good for our environment. Our food diet causes a lot of impact throughout the environment. Modern people eat a lot of meats and fast foods. Meats come from animals and to raise animals there needs to be a farmland. To make farmlands people have to destroy animal’s habitats and making farmlands create too much pollutions. Also, filth made by the animals in the farmlands pollutes the soil and the water and the gas from the filth creates air pollution.

Vegetarianism can save lives too. Firstly farm animals are same living things as humans. When the animals have to live in an enclosed place they get stress and get ill. People kill these animals to make meat but when the animals are ill the person who eats that meat will be ill too. This is how illnesses spread. Secondly, the crops people use to feed and fatten up the animals are a large...
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