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Topics: Vector space, Displacement, Vectors Pages: 3 (719 words) Published: September 10, 2013
3r21.ABCD is a rectangle and O is the midpoint of [AB].

Express each of the following vectors in terms of and
(Total 4 marks)
2.The vectors , are unit vectors along the x-axis and y-axis respectively. The vectors = – + and = 3 + 5 are given.
(a)Find + 2 in terms of and .
A vector has the same direction as + 2 , and has a magnitude of 26. (b)Find in terms of and .
(Total 4 marks)
3.The circle shown has centre O and radius 6. is the vector , is the vector and is the vector .

(a)Verify that A, B and C lie on the circle.
(b)Find the vector .

(c)Using an appropriate scalar product, or otherwise, find the cosine of angle . (3)
(d)Find the area of triangle ABC, giving your answer in the form a , where a ∈ . (4)
(Total 12 marks)

4.The quadrilateral OABC has vertices with coordinates O(0, 0), A(5, 1), B(10, 5) and C(2, 7). (a)Find the vectors and .
(b)Find the angle between the diagonals of the quadrilateral OABC. (Total 4 marks)
5.Find a vector equation of the line passing through (–1, 4) and (3, –1). Give your answer in the form r = p + td, where t ∈ R (Total 4 marks)
6.In this question, the vector km represents a displacement due east, and the vector km a displacement due north.
Two crews of workers are laying an underground cable in a north–south direction across a desert. At 06:00 each crew sets out from their base camp which is situated at the origin (0, 0). One crew is in a Toyundai vehicle and the other in a Chryssault vehicle.

The Toyundai has velocity vector km h–1, and the Chryssault has velocity vector km h–1.
(a)Find the speed of each vehicle.
(b)(i)Find the position vectors of each vehicle at 06:30.
(ii)Hence, or otherwise, find the distance between the vehicles at 06:30. (3)

(c)At this time (06:30) the Chryssault stops and its crew begin their day’s work, laying cable in a northerly direction. The...
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