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Vans was launched in 1966 by Paul Van Doren with his brother James and two partners. Van Doren was aiming to make almost durable and affordable casual deck shoe in the market which eventually turned out to be the most liked shoes by youngsters, athletes and others. From its own retail store in Anaheim, California Van Doren was able to open few more stores in other places. But, the main concern was to promote those stores. Van Doren was involved in producing shoes that would match people’s dress, styles; colors .vans was also a favorite of hard-to –fit customers, who required non-standard widths and lengths. Because of this vans was able to create its own loyal customers and create international exposure within a period. In 70’s Vans was able to become the favorite brand for the skaters because of its grips and low price. Later at 80’s turbulent phase of Vans came into existence. After seeing his shoes in teenage movie called ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ James Van Doren responded it by broadening Van’s product mix in an effort to grab share from Nike and Reebok.Soon,Vans was producing shoes for baseball, football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, boxing and even umpiring. This decision led Vans into bankruptcy because of high production costs, strong competition from mainstream brands and unreceptive market. Although company was able to revitalize company by ignoring the fashion and just doing as before. Again in 90’s deep recession, Gulf war, Oil shortages led to higher rubber costs made the shoes prices higher and lowered the margins. Meanwhile ‘grunge ‘fashion trends and ‘urban chick ‘replaced the surf and sun look and Vans had to close its two factories and the volatile currency of ‘cool’ no longer favored Vans.Then, in 1995, Gary Schoenfeld took over operations of Vans. He again made the brand

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