Values and Ethics and Career Success

Topics: Cremation, Enron, Tri-State Crematory Pages: 3 (1060 words) Published: April 20, 2010
Values and Ethics for Career Success
Bradley Allen, Shelley Boswell, Deirdre Brown, Christiana McCowan General 200
April 17, 2010
Tricia Maxson
Throughout ones life, values and ethics will propose challenges. This is especially true for career success. Employers want representatives of the company whom they can trust .and rely upon. Employers look for people with strong work ethics, integrity and values. Ethics and values are what distinguish people from other creatures. How do these attributes lead to career success? Each of these facets will show a different side of a person’s personality. One’s personal values are what make the infrastructure for a valuable employee. Employers eulogize employees who understand and exhibit a willingness to work hard. In addition to working hard, employees need to possess morals. “Values are things that are important to, or valued by someone” (Cowings, 1996, The Character of Values and Ethics, para. 1). Values are imperative for career success because values show ones worthiness as a person. Honesty and generosity are two personal values that are an extension of ones self. Parents are the first teachers of honesty and integrity. As a child grows and learns, so does the child's integrity. Values are what society uses to distinguish acceptable from unacceptable, and right from wrong. Employers need employees who hold high personal values. Important decisions have to be made in companies each day. Without employees with high values, the financial success of the company can teeter away. Employers will value an employee who can maintain a sense of honesty and integrity (Loretto, 2009, The Top Ten Values Employers Look For, para. 6). Coordinating an employees values and the evolution of new skills gives employees a sense of approval in the work field. If a person possesses one or more of the mentioned attributes, the employee will be successful in the career choice that has been made. “Ethics are a system of moral...

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