Vacationing on the Beach or in the City

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Shaina Gonser
English 121-010
Vacationing on the Beach or in the City
It is a fact that not all people have the opportunity to go on vacation. However when you do get the facilities to go out on vacation, there are many things to decide. And it’s all about what or where you want to go to get the worries off your mind.

When I go on vacation, my troubles are what to decide… the wonderful beach or a lovely city. I have to decide the best place to go according to what I have in mind. The purpose of this essay is to contrast the difference between the beach and the city.

In this essay I will go over the few differences in planning a vacation on the beach or in the city, such as the clothes to wear, the different scenes and the pace of life available at the according places the beach or the city!

The first major difference between vacationing on the beach or in the city is the kind of activities you are able and would like to do. On the beach, for example, you can go sailing, feeling the ocean air and waves hit your face. You can sit back on a boat and listen to the crash of waives, as you drink a beer and enjoy the peacefulness of fishing. Surfing is another activity you could enjoy while you’re vacationing on the beach. Surfing is another activity that you can do while you’re in the city. From my personal experience when I had went to the ocean and learned to surf for the first time I had felt like that was the most freeing thing I had done in my entire life. Not to mention that the gentlemen training me was the hottest tanned boy body on the beach! As well as water skiing, or doing my personal favorite lying on the beach with a cold beer, and sun tanning the day away. With some special cases you can do the amazing and unforgettable, you can feed the sharks and even swim with dolphins.

On the other hand, in a city you can visit different sites such as museums, theaters, landmark buildings, depending on where you decide to go of course. Like the...
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