Utility of Ancient to Modern Technology

Topics: General relativity, Spacetime, Speed of light Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: May 6, 2013
What is out there? How did we get here? What is the world made of? These simple questions still baffle scientists today. The story for the search to answer those questions is the story of science. The history of science has made the greatest impact on the world and continues to evolve. When people understand it, it changes how we see ourselves and how we see the world around us. It has been shaped by natural phenomenon and things that have happened inside the laboratory and out. The most brilliant people with the most brilliant ideas grew up to accomplish the greatest things that no one could understand, but their contributions to science and technology impacted everyone. I believe that we should grasp the practical and theoretical approaches that led to the creation of the modern world so we can understand the utility of it in the twenty first century. Technological ideas were exploited and diffused among ancient civilizations. The ancient Chinese civilization claims credit for many discoveries of technologies like gunpowder, or technology of manufacturing paper. Some of the other rare technologies that were invented in ancient China were firearms (crossbow), seism scope (device used to detect earthquakes), that was made by Zhang Heng and was named as Houfeng Didong Yi. (David) Four Chinese inventions that are regarded as the greatest technologies developed by Chinese civilization are; compass, art of paper making, printing and gunpowder, many of which these things were not discovered in Europe till late Medieval Times through trade or diffusion. When people first started to ride horses according to history around 2000 BC, they rode on them mostly bareback, or sat on a piece of cloth or animal hide. They were a useful tool in communication, transportation and warfare. The people of the Bronze and Iron Age, made good use of leather for footwear and harnesses, but did not have saddles for their horses till late Iron Age. It must have been...
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