black sheep

Topics: Immune system, Science, Human Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: November 7, 2013
M1 – Differentiate between those questions that science is currently addressing, those that science cannot yet answer and those that science will never be able to answer. There’s many questions that scientist are currently addressing and many they will never be able to answer because of individual opinions and no evidence between any of the answers clearly because you can’t experiment any of it. For example in our modern day society there’s always debates on whether there’s a God or not? Around the world there’s many atheist that believe there is no such thing as God and there is no life after death. This is a question science wouldn’t be able to answer nor prove to us. They only way that would be possible is if someone died experienced the life after death and then resurrected and told us what happened, but clearly we know that’s impossible and will never happen! Should abortion be allowed?

As most of you are away there’s always debates going on to whether abortion should be carried out. Still do this day there are people campaigning against it, but can science answer this? Not really as it’s more of moral opinion. Science can’t tell people what to believe in this sense, this is something about what everyone believes. Some people have nothing against abortion and think its fine because the babies not born, but religious people would be strongly against that, they would believe life is sacred as soon as conception occurs and should not be taken away just like that. Can HIV be cured?

HIV is a common illness and has been for a very long time, HIV can hide for long periods of time in the cells of your body and that it attacks a key part of your immune system. Maybe one day in the future there will be a cure but sadly at the moment there is no cure, but on the bright side there is a vaccination that our scientist have discovered for us. Scientists believe HIV came from some particular kind of chimpanzee in Western Africa. Humans probably came in contact with...
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