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The easiest way to store, protect, and share amazing things. DESKTOP APPLICATION To get the most out of Copy, install our desktop application for Mac, Windows, or Linux. To do that, rst go to in your web browser and click “Install” from the top menu bar. This will pop up a window with a download button for the version of Copy compatible with your operating system. Once installed, Copy will create a folder on your computer called “Copy.” And so long as the Copy application is running and you are logged in to your account, any le you place in the “Copy” folder will automatically upload to the cloud and be accessible via and any other computer that you have running Copy (a home or work computer, for example).

Files are accessible on all your devices





Files are also easy to share with friends, family, and co-workers. Right-click on anything in your Copy folder to copy a web link to it. Whoever has the link will be able to view and download the les. You can also share entire folders which will can keep your les in sync as if you were working on the same computer.

Open Copy Actions Move to Trash Get Info Share… Copy Public Link

Team Documents

WEB APPLICATION At you can browse, share, and upload les into your Copy folder from any computer. You can also see past versions of les and, in the case of shared folders, who has been editing them.

MOBILE APPLICATION The “Copy for Android” and “Copy for iOS” apps let you take your Copy Folder with you wherever you are. Instant access to everything you’ve stored and are sharing in the cloud, whether it’s personal les or the corporate drive.

Available for:

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