USC Scavenger Hunt

Topics: University of Southern California, Mount St. Mary's College, Downtown Los Angeles Pages: 7 (1983 words) Published: September 16, 2011
ARLT101: 1st Mini-Project Topic

Scavenger Hunt of USC Campus and Neighborhood or of Downtown Los Angeles

Complete either (A) a scavenger hunt of the USC campus and University Park neighborhood or (B) a scavenger hunt of downtown Los Angeles.

At the end of completing your hunt, write a short essay (1 page) in which you explain the most interesting item you discovered by doing this scavenger hunt.

Note: The scavenger hunt project should be typed

Complete either (A) a scavenger hunt of downtown Los Angeles or (B) a scavenger hunt of the USC campus and North University Park.

A. USC Scavenger Hunt

Complete the 52 items for the USC Scavenger hunt below.

Write a short essay (1 page) in which you explain the most interesting item you discovered about the University of Southern California by doing this scavenger hunt.

1. Provide the name and briefly describe the major political scandal that involved Edward Doheny.

2. Doheny Library houses the Chow Tse-Tsung Memorial Seminar Room. Describe the location of this seminar room and describe a map on the wall in this wing of the library. Note also: Who is Chow Tse-Tsung.

3. On the main floor of Doheny Library, to the right of the circulation desk (or at the south end of the lobby), there is a special exhibit area. Above the door to this exhibit area is a quotation about the written word. Transcribe this quotation.

4. In glass cases in the lobby of the main floor of Doheny Library, there are a set of posters (with black background) that include quotations about the purpose or mission of libraries. Transcribe one of the quotes about libraries from one of these posters.

5. Provide the title of a book by Upton Sinclair that is set in Southern California in the 1920s and features a student at Southern Pacific University who is the son of a man who made a fortune in oil. The novel was published in 1927 and was very loosely adapted into a recent film entitled “There Will Be Blood.”

6. Name of the title of a novel set in Los Angeles written by Chester Himes and published in 1945. Give the number of the floor of Doheny Library in which this novel can be found and a one or two sentence description of the novel. Describe something else that can be found on the floor of the stacks of the library that houses Himes’ novel.

7. Plaques honoring an American president can be found on each side of the front steps to Doheny Library. Which two presidents are honored by these plaques and why?

8. Two statues of writers are on each side of the main doors to Doheny Library. Who are these writers?

9. Doheny Library has a collection of books from the library of a German writer who lived for a time in exile in Los Angeles. Provide the name of the writer, the location of the collection, and the title of one book in this collection.

10. Describe the location of the University Archives and briefly list some of what it houses?

11. The fountain in front of Doheny Library is entitled “The Four Cornerstones of Democracy.” What are these four cornerstones?

12. At a number of locations on the USC campus, there are a set of small glass enclosed display cases featuring historical information about USC. These displays are set on an angle on brown metal posts. One of these displays can be found on the east side of Doheny Library (facing the Widney Alumni House). This display offers information about USC Urban Legends. Briefly describe one of the legends featured in this display.

13. As soon as you enter into Widney Alumni house, there is a room to the left that contains on the wall a Resolution by the Los Angeles City Council made in 1977 to honor the naming of Widney Alumni house after Robert Widney. The Resolution includes certain information about the accomplishments and career of Robert Widney. Describe two facts about Robert Widney mentioned in the Resolution besides his work in founding USC. (Note: In...
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