Cultural Observation Project

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Cultural Observation Project 2

Location of Observation: Coastal Grand Mall, Myrtle Beach, SC
Date: September 28, 2013

Youth 201-Section #B01
What I Have Learned? (at least two full pages)

During this second observation at Coastal Grand Mall in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I learned many things. I went to this location on a Saturday night, where it was full of young people. The weather outside was warm, but rainy, so I believe this caused even more people to look for indoor fun, so the mall was packed on this Saturday night.
I began my observation in the food court, which is near the movie theatre. This is definitely a hot spot in the mall for young people. I got something to eat and began to observe. Most young people were not with their families, but were with their friends instead. School has started back and most tourists have gone home, so most of these young people were locals. This gives me a better idea of what young people in our area are really like, rather than observing tourists from different parts of the country.
While I was observing, I noticed a lot of the same things that I noticed during my first observation at the water park. There were lots of young girls who were dressed provocatively and they seemed to be desperate for attention. I learned that either parents don’t mind their daughters dressing this way, or the girls changed after they left home. I wanted to give the girls the benefit of the doubt during my observation at the water park because they were at the beach on vacation, after all. But there is no excuse to dress this way in public. There were many young girls that I wanted to offer to buy them some new clothes!
Boys seemed to be trying to gain attention, not by the way they were dressed, but by doing silly things and playing practical jokes on their friends such as pulling the chair out from under his friend before he sat down.
The boys and girls seemed to

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