Usability Report

Topics: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Videotelephony, Videophone, Webcam, Videoconferencing / Pages: 12 (2880 words) / Published: May 23rd, 2013


Report 1: Context of Use
Leukaemia Awareness
Website Design

HIT 2316 – Usability
Michael Tigas – 7391862

Tutorial: Monday 1:30pm
Context of Use Due Date: Monday 2nd April 2012

Number of Words: 2,061

Executive Summary This Context of Use report highlights and summarises the theoretical idea of creating a website specifically for raising awareness of Leukaemia. Whilst primarily raising awareness, this website triples up as a research hub for; those who are affected, students undertaking research, those who are genuinely interested in understanding the specific types of Leukaemia, and also providing virtual online support for families affected who have a child diagnosed with Leukaemia who is too ill to leave the house and partake in activities.

An investigation into the Context of Use for the devised solution, to solve all the inconsistencies of the current interfaces available, highlighted; * all user groups and the typical user which would fit into a group based on their purpose * a persona of an example Primary User, to solidify design requirement suggestions around * the goals and tasks for each user group, with an in-depth analysis of the most problematic task that could affect the completion of primary goals the website was designed to surpass * an analysis of user task characteristics and how to improve the structure of the website through the feedback of this analysis * all environmental issues that the website will be situated within and improvement suggestions that have been discovered by possible issues in a particular type of environment * a data gathering plan which uses online surveys/questionnaires to deal with the assumptions made by the Context of Use, and determine if they were accurate assumptions * how research participants should be

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