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prescribed is actually effective. This deletes the need for the patient to use up time on both sides to prove to the doctor that the prescription given was correct. What may not be so obvious is the use of videophones for the simple fact of greater communication between doctors across the world. Videophones give doctors the capability to share best practices amongst each other and conjure up a cure for what may have seemed incurable by the gathering of information from the immediate medical community. ...

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My World In 2050

these are the only way millions of people can survive. Back in the early 1980's, I remember watching a movie called Aliens. I remember this well because there was a scene in the movie when Ripley, the main character, used a card inserted into a videophone that allowed her to see who she was talking to. At the time I was amazed at the special effects in this movie. Now of course all we need do is to speak the name and city of the person we want to talk to so that the communication computer can hear...

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Nursing Informatics Telenursing

interact with a patient. Introduction Nursing informatics is using more technology in managing information, and telenursing is mostly used in the practice. For example nurses currently use faxes, telephone, videophone, and computers. Telenursing is the use of telecommunications and computer for the delivery of nursing care, and some common uses are telephone triage, monitoring for chronic disease, follow-up calls, educating patents and providing care. Telenursing...

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Infinite Jest Reflection In 'The Wheelchair Assassins'

The history of the videophone examines the nature of irresolution of imaginary identification even into adulthood. It is not simply that the post mirror stage child supplants imaginary relations upon entry to the symbolic order on the basis of the newly accessed image, but that an indefiniteness remains. Following the mirror stage, the child does enter the symbolic order on the basis of an image of a contained self, by way of paternal law severing the prior relationship with the mother, but the subject...

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Swto Analysis of Geo Tv

as the largest media group in the country, Here is a look at just some of them: For Example: 1) First to give election results -- 7 hours before the nearest competitor (Election 2002 special transmission and coverage). 2) First to use videophones in Iraq and Afghanistan and remote regions of Pakistan for live coverage. 3) First to start political satire in Pakistan depicting current and past heads of state (Hum Sub Umeed Say Hain). 4) The first to produce joint India-Pak ventures like...

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Sociological Impact of New Technology on Communication

According to Diane Swanbrow's article, "Cell phone survey shows love-hate relationship," 40 percent of people say the main use of their cell phone was coordinating family events. Cell phones with included long distance, electronic mail and videophones are all examples of ways in which people can maintain personal relationships across distances. Communication technology affects nearly all aspects of life, both positively and negatively. New forms of communication allow for more information...

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Wk3 Tech HC Paper

between healthcare personnel and patients, or healthcare personnel and medical students. An example of real-time communication is a consultation between a nurse practitioner, a patient, and a health care specialist by means of audio or video link, videophone, or digital cameras (for telewound care and teledermatology). Another example is communication between a physician in an examination room and a patient, who is in their home by way of webcam. Another example of real-time communication would be a...

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Kitkat 4 P's

been identified ashaving potential for confectionery sales owing to the large number of families that visitthem. It is also predicted that confectionery, along with all foodstuffs, will becomeavailable through cable and interactive television, videophones and the Internet.Internationally, Kit Kat is now also manufactured in Canada, Germany, India, Malaysia,China, Japan, Australia, South Africa and the United States. It is available in more than100 countries throughout the World....

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The World is Flat – Thomas Friedman

understanding how business and technology relate will help them achieve success. They can use it as advantage in their completion. And they will gain more skills and learn new ideas 4. Identify a current flattener not mentioned on Friedman’s list Videophones and collaboration tools allowing people to meet face-to-face even when they are in different parts of the world Technologies such as Voice-over-IP that offer a cheap alternative to traditional long-distance carrier ...

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The Influence of Organisational Culture Versus National Culture

and offers the world's first managed Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) communications network. Providing a videophone package similar to a mobile/cell phone plan, VOLE manages the service which includes provision of a videophone for free use, while the customer just talks. For an affordable flat-price monthly fee, the customer enjoys unlimited video-talk time in addition to full videophone support. The company was founded in Singapore, where the unique VOLGATE software that powers the...

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