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Topics: Graphical user interface, User interface, Personal computer Pages: 4 (1115 words) Published: July 12, 2013
In this paper we analyze the importance of interface design and how much interface presents in our everyday life. The most of our daily tasks is accomplished with a use of at least one type of interface. The basic purpose of an interface is to help use to communicate with a machine. The three most common kinds of an interface are: touch sensitive interface, menu interface and graphical user interface. Using smart phones, laptops, going to the ATM machine is considered as using interface. Even writing this case study is done with a help of few different kinds of interface. We also analyzed each mentioned interface with a comparison with Mandel’s five golden rules. In appendix at the end of the paper may be found three screen shots for each interface.


Describe three (3) interfaces you interact with on a daily basis

The three interfaces which I interact with on a daily basis are: touch sensitive interface, menu interface and graphical user interface. Touch sensitive interface is my favorite interface. It works when certain device detects a pressure and translates it into given instruction. I have a smart phone and a desktop computer with touch sensitive interfaces, which I use on a daily basis. Actually I am using it right now to write my paper. Furthermore cashpoint machines like ATMs have touch sensitive screens. I tend to use these machines quite often as well. Menu Interface is my second favorite interface. If it’s designed well, menu interfaces should be self-explanatory. I would take my cell phone, computer and ATM as an example as well. They are designed on the same principle. They have menu which offers user a choice. After choice is made, user is lead to another menu, where he needs to make another choice and so on. Graphical User Interface or commonly known as GUI or WIMP is the most usable type of interface today. WIMP stands for Windows, Icons, Menus and...

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