Input Controls

Topics: User interface, Computer security, User interface design Pages: 4 (1029 words) Published: June 2, 2013
Input Controls

Pamela D. Thompson

Professor Nolyn Johnson

May 19, 2013

This paper will discuss input controls and their various functions. An input control includes the necessary measures to ensure that data is correct, complete, and secure (Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2012). Input controls as it relate to user interface, includes audit trails, password security, data security, and encryption (Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2012). It is vital a company should take all needed measures to protect its data, which include customer, employees, and suppliers. Most assets have a value, but corporate data is priceless, because without safe, secure, accurate data, a company cannot function. (Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2012).

Input Controls
Audit trail keeps a record of every piece of data item and when it entered the system. In addition to recording the original the source, an audit trail must show how and when data is accessed or changed, and by whom (Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2012). Companies will benefit having an audit trail as it provide documentation of all documents received and pass between departments. The following will give examples of audit trails input controls: * Individual Accountability

* Reconstructing Events
* Problem Monitoring
* Intrusion Detection
Individual Accountability: the user is monitored and is personally accountable for their use on a companies’ computer. This deters the user form circumventing security policies (Goplakrishm, 2013). The user will be held accountable if security policies have been breached. Reconstructing Events: an event can be reconstructed after a problem has occurred. The amount of damage that occurred with an incident can be assessed by reviewing audit trails of system activity to pinpoint how, when, and why the incident occurred (Goplakrishm, 2013). Problem Monitoring: a tool used to monitor problems on-line as they occur. Such real time monitoring helps in detection of problem like...

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