Urban and Rural Life (Collection)

Topics: Town, City, Ecology Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: August 12, 2011
There has always been a sharp distinction between urban and rural living, with each having its particular advantages and disadvantages. From a personal perspective, I am more inclined to live in a small town rather than a big city. To me, it boils down to more peace and quiet; a better environment to live in; and family safety.

To begin with, small towns are usually quiet and relatively calm. The pace of life is relaxed and the low number of cars and people makes for a peaceful setting without too much noise. Of course, not all small towns are idyllic in this fashion, and a slow and quiet lifestyle isn't every person's piece of cake. However, I personally enjoy it. As a child I lived in both a small country town and then later a large busy city. I vividly recall how much calmer the small hamlet was, and how relaxed and easy-going it made me and others there feel. Conversely, the city with its traffic and crowds of people seemed constantly busy and noisy.

In addition to peace and calm, small town living can usually be associated with a better environment. Apart from the fact that there is less traffic and associated pollution, small towns are mostly located in the countryside and have easy access to rural settings. By way of example, it is usually relatively easy to walk out into fields, forests, valleys or even to rivers and lakes (in their natural settings) when you live in a small rural town. The same can't be said of city living - which of course has other appeals like entertainment, nightlife and a broader scope of amenities. If, however, like me you prefer the natural environment close to your doorstep, then small town living will be a more attractive option.

Besides tranquility and environmental appeal, I also have to say that small hamlets are better for families - and family safety in particular. Small towns have closer-knit communities where everyone knows and generally looks out for each other. I personally live in a very small coastal town...
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