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Introduction Monitoring of attendance is recognised as an important element in supporting both student retention and performance. Regular and appropriate attendance has been a University requirement for many years as stipulated in the Curricular Ordinances and Regulations1 For taught students, failure to attend and/or absence without permission can result in serious consequences for the student through the Unsatisfactory Student Procedure. The Graduate Board has arrangements in place for research students. Many schools have in place effective methods for monitoring unauthorised absence. However, since September 2009 all schools are being supported in monitoring students’ attendance in an auditable way. The University responds to the requirements of the Home Office’s Points Based System, whereby it is required to report international students who fail to fully register when expected or who are absent for a prolonged period without authorisation, as supplementary to the normal monitoring of the attendance of all our students (both home/EU and international). The following policy, guidance and accompanying examples of good practice are intended to give staff greater clarity in relation to the University’s expectations of an effective attendance monitoring process and to provide a co-ordinated response to the UKBA’s reporting requirements. 2. Taught students

2.1 Policy
1. The attendance of all taught students must be monitored by the parent school on average weekly throughout each semester. The monitored attendance sessions must include personal tutorials. The occasions on which attendance should be monitored should be those where it is feasible to do so and where individual students can be identified e.g. tutorials, practical classes, lab sessions, handing in of coursework. It is anticipated that the records maintained by schools will highlight absence rather than attendance. 2. Schools must have in place procedures for contacting students who have failed to attend on two consecutive monitored attendance sessions without authorisation (details of this are provided in section 2.2) or where there is a pattern of absence which is affecting the student’s work or causing concerns for the student’s wellbeing. These procedures should involve the Head of School/Director of Learning and Teaching as appropriate and be clearly stated in the school handbooks or on the web site. 3. Failure to attend on five consecutive monitored attendance sessions without authorisation should be considered, at the school’s discretion, as part of the presumed withdrawn or leavers' process, or the Unsatisfactory Student Procedure. 4. The monitoring of attendance at electives and modules taken outside the parent school must be undertaken systematically by the teaching school on at least three occasions and any absences without authorisation reported to the parent school for investigation. 1 See ordinance IX p6, section 7; ordinance X p2, section 5; ordinance XI p4, section 5 3

2.2 Guidance
The following guidance is intended to provide schools with an aide-memoire to attendance monitoring and absence reporting for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students. i) Details of the school’s approach to attendance monitoring should be detailed in the School Student Handbook. An example of this is provided in Appendix 3. ii) Each school must have a policy in place to manage the escalation process in the event that persistent absence occurs. This should ultimately include the Head of School. (See section 5 for examples.) iii) All students’ attendance must be monitored across all years and a standard, fair and auditable approach taken to ensure equity of treatment. On request, students are entitled to see the information held in relation to their absence record. iv) Academic staff have a responsibility to ensure that absence...
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