Oral Communication Syllabus and Course Objectives

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Office hours:
The goals of the course are for you to communicate effectively and ethically in public communication situations, and to be critically engaged in public discourse. CLASS POLICIES
ATTENDANCE POLICY: Attendance in mandatory. After two unexcused absences, your overall course grade will be dropped ½ a letter grade for each additional absence. Good excuses are treated the same as poor excuses. In the event you are absent, you are responsible for course material covered. SIGN-UP POLICY: At least one week before each speech, you sign-up for a speaking date. This is a contract. Your signature obligates you to speak on the day you are signed up for. There are no guaranteed make-ups. If you miss a speech, you will receive a zero. You are free to trade speaking days with other class members, but you must put any changes on the sign-up sheet. You are strongly urged to have your speeches prepared & practiced in a critique session with a Teaching Assistant at least 5 days before the presentation date. PROFESSIONALISM AND ACTIVE PARTICIPATION: During class you should not send or receive texts, surf the internet, take phone calls, engage in private conversations, or sleep. Come to class prepared to listen and to participate. Your level of engagement with the materials is part of your grade. Your attendance will influence the professionalism portion of your grade in addition to your overall grade. For an A in professionalism and participation, you may not be absent more than once. Finally, keeping up with the Prep Questions (below) is expected. GRADE QUESTIONS AND APPEALS are considered in person, in private. Any dissatisfaction with grades must first be explained in writing and followed up with a meeting. Submitting dissatisfaction does not guarantee a grade change, however it will allow for an opportunity to discuss the...
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