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B120 TMA02
November 24th 2013
Page 1: Title and contents
Page 2: Executive summary
Pages 3 & 4: Problem description and analysis
Page 5: Recommendations
Page 6: Information
Page 7: References
Executive summary
In summary, this report details the problems encountered with a member of staff working under my management whose attendance standards and working practices had started to slip. The session used was session 4 of Book 2 B120. Despite an appraisal system being in place and frequent discussions being had with the employee his attitude was impacting upon the other members of staff in the department. Using the notes from Book 2 session 4 the problem concepts observed are that no clear instructions had been set and any monitoring system utilised fully to best effect. The recommendations to overcome the issues would have been a structured meeting with the individual followed by better monitoring and reward/praise on follow-up over a monthly or weekly interval. Further support and training for the Manager in charge of the department would have lessened the impact on the whole department. Problem description and analysis

Using session 4 of Book 2 as a guide I shall describe a particular situation with a member of staff at Potters Holiday Resort where I was employed as Ten-Pin and Arcade Manager. In this role I had to train and monitor 6 members of full and part-time staff and liaise with the Human Resources Manager. The staff member in question had told me he wanted to leave the company and go on a tour of Australia with his girlfriend, but hadn’t yet set any date to leave. In the meantime his worked slacked and he was often late to turn up and early to leave. This was having an immediate impact of the other members of staff and the department as a whole. The other members of the team felt resentment as they felt that they were carrying the individual and despite my conversations to the member of staff in question he did not...
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