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University Life Ll101

By cookie231026 Mar 31, 2011 375 Words
University Life – LL101
January - April 2011
Assignment 2
Week 8

Type: Individual Assignment – Learning About Other Cultures

As a new student to university and to a new environment, you need to make friends with as many people as you can. The friendship and bond that you have developed will carry you through the duration of your course here and thereafter. It is important to learn about different people and different cultures and respect the uniqueness in them.

- To learn about different cultures, religion, beliefs, values and practices - To know and understand that every student is different from us in the way they think and the values they have. Learn to know these differences and respect them. - To respect every student as an individual and a fellow learner like you.

- You need to introduce 2 students from different countries AND culture. You need to name the student you will be introducing and tell me which country they are from and which programme/major - You must be able to describe the culture and background of both the students. - Learn about their way of life in respect to the areas listed in the objectives portion and find out how they cope in this new environment - Compare the differences between both their cultures and your own and explain what the differences are. - Assignments are to be submitted in both hard copy and soft copy via email - Write a 5 page essay. No point forms accepted.

- Font – Times New Roman, Size 12 and double spaced.

- Your friends must be from different countries and of different culture(s) and there must be at least 3 significant differences among them. - Your friends can be from the same class/different majors/different faculty but MUST BE 1st YEAR STUDENTS

- This assignment will contribute 25% towards your overall mark. Your assignment should demonstrate your knowledge, comprehension and appreciation in cultural differences. - 1 mark will be deducted each day for late submission

- Non-submission after 5 days of deadline will be marked ‘0’zero. You will not receive any marks for this assignment.

- 1 complete set in hard copy.
- 1 complete set is soft copy
- This Assignment 2 must be submitted by 11th March (Friday) 2011 before 5pm -end-

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