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I believe the next important ingredient for multicultural competence is cultural skills. A skilled counselor utilizes the interventions that are client based and which serve clients needs. A positive reaction would be to be connected to those different cultures communication is the key. In multicultural counseling the counselor needs to be more aware his or her limitations in counseling skills. I feel it’s vital to have cultural skills in order to serve multicultural populations in the most productive way to facilitate. By being culturally aware and recognizing how culture will affect the counseling process, this cultural awareness will support the counselor in developing an empathic understanding towards clients. In chapter one we talk about personal qualities of a school counselor. I feel a good counselor can relate if they can understand and communicate within each other. Training in cultural competence can facilitate self awareness. Cultural encapsulation puts counselors at risk of using stereotypes, becoming judgmental, and imposing their values on their students and parents. Courage and beliefs are what school counselors are challenged about everyday in others and themselves. Counselors have a commitment to diversity and social justice that is discussed in chapter one along with passion. Another goal of the session was to help participants gain new insights into how multicultural social justice affects participants‟ professions and communities. Participants indicated that they gained insight into what it means to be a multiculturally competent counselor and how to put that understanding into action.

Becoming an effective school is being there and being seen by High school students they look to guidance counselors for help in making smart choices, and counselors can assist them in finding the right fit where they will best achieve success. From filling out applications, to getting transcripts and recommendations, the whole process...
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